Slip Lead Plus™ Story

My name is Dean Lovett, the inventor and founder of Slip Lead Plus™. I have spent my life around dogs, of various breeds and sizes, andI have loved them all.  But the one thing that should be so easy and fun (going for a walk) has often been such a hassle.  Clipping together collars and leashes and harnesses and needing all three products. Sometimes, I want the convenience of a quick collar and leash walk. Other times, I need the control of a harness and leash walk. I might have the collar and leash on my dog, then suddenly it starts pulling hard and I need to put on the harness - if I have it with me.

In 2018, I began using a slip lead on our CavalierKing Charles Spaniel, or a leash that slips over your dog's head and serves as a collar as well.  I loved the convenience of slipping the lead on and of four dog, but didn't like several things. First, the slip lead rope would cut into my dog's neck. Second, slip leads are made of rope or leather and aren't great looking.  Third, I sometimes need a harness to control my dog and slip leads don't offer a harness function.  

After researching for several weeks, I was amazed to discover that no one was manufacturing a comfortable slip leash which doesn’t cut in your dog’s neck AND, of course, no one had invented a non-rope slip lead that can convert into a harness.  The product didn’t exist!  And so began the tinkering, toying, trial and error which led to my Slip Lead Plus™ invention.

I ordered various slip leads and harnesses, cut a piece of this one, grabbed a piece of that one, using buckles, clasps, glue, leather and assorted materials.  Over the ensuing weeks, I discovered that specially designed slide buckles and D-rings could be manipulated on flat material to function as a comfortable, non-cutting slip lead AND a harness to fit any size dog.  The invention was simple, easy, safe and great looking.  I rushed to file the patent for today’s Slip Lead Plus™, a combination Collar & Leash & Harness. 

I then began developing a line of the newly invented Collar& Leash & Harness combinations in order to bring them to market as quickly as possible.  I dubbed the invention Slip Lead Plus™, a comfortable, no-choke slip lead which easily converts to a no-pull harness. 

Slip Lead Plus™ has become my passion today.  It provides the convenience of a collar and leash plus the control of a harness and leash and all in one slick product. It requires no measuring and fits pups to large dogs of any body type.  Slip Lead Plus™ is about to revolutionize the way people walk their dogs.  It is the most convenient way to walk any dog with collar & leash OR harness & leash and you can switch back and forth on the fly!

If Slip Lead Plus™ isn't the most fun and convenient way you have ever walked your dog, return it undamaged within 30 days for a full refund.  No questions asked.